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Professional Legal Guidance For Brain Injury Victims

Many motor vehicle collision victims experience brain injury symptoms without realizing the cause. Yet, even after discovering the link to head trauma, claimants often encounter opposition when they attempt to include the injury in their claim. After fighting thousands of personal injury cases in Richmond, British Columbia, Chouinard & Company lawyers are equipped to help clients gain the fair treatment and reasonable compensation they deserve.

High-Level Support For Head-Injured Clients

Concussion and brain trauma often exhibit no visible symptoms and may be undetected by traditional diagnostic methods. But even mild damage can have a significant, long-lasting impact. Many clients begin to suspect a problem only when loved ones point out noticeable changes in their behaviour or cognitive function.

The legal team at Chouinard & Company believes that head-injured clients require a special level of attention and support. As they work with clients through recovery and the claims process, the lawyers provide professional guidance through:

  • Referrals to concussion clinics and brain specialists not easily accessible through the provincial health care system
  • Independent assessments to properly support claims for customized medical and rehabilitative treatments
  • Assistance with nontreatment benefits such as housekeeping and wage loss
  • A solid legal strategy to pursue fair compensation for life-altering or long-term impacts from the collision

Pursuing an ICBC claim involving head injury requires commitment and skill. The lawyers at Chouinard & Company have the knowledge, experience and dedication to advocate for clients until a fair resolution is reached.

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