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Making A Successful ICBC Accident Claim

Thousands in British Columbia are injured in motor vehicle collisions each year. Many of them open an ICBC accident claim seeking access to the resources they need to recover. Few realize the risk they take in going it alone without legal help. Yet, experience consistently confirms that claimants who deal directly with ICBC rarely receive reasonable compensation.

Legal Representation Provides The Best Chance Of A Fair Settlement

Chouinard & Company practises exclusively in personal injury law and has been defending the rights of victims in Richmond since 1978. The firm’s four lawyers draw on their decades of experience analyzing thousands of claims and advocating for injured clients, whether they are motorists, pedestrians or cyclists.

The firm’s first goal is to ensure that clients receive the ICBC Part 7 benefits they need to recover and to maintain those benefits for as long as required. These benefits cover:

  • Medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Home care assistance
  • Lost wages due to time off work

Since Part 7 benefits are limited, Chouinard & Company also helps eligible injury victims pursue fair and full compensation for such losses as:

  • Long-term loss of housekeeping capacity
  • Wage loss amounts not covered under Part 7
  • Impact on future income-earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment
  • Out-of-pocket expenses incurred for treatment

While inexperienced injury victims can only guess at what constitutes fair compensation, Chouinard & Company lawyers can provide accurate assessments based on cases already fought in court under similar circumstances and often provide significantly fairer compensation than ICBC guidelines suggest.

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