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Legal Help To Pursue Compensation For Back And Neck Injuries

Neck injury and back pain are among the most common symptoms victims experience following a motor vehicle accident. Yet, when X-rays and other traditional diagnostic methods reveal no breaks, fractures or other obvious causes, injury victims often encounter suspicion and resistance when they attempt to access the treatment benefits they thought they were entitled to.

Managing Soft Tissue Injury Claims

The legal team at Chouinard & Company has decades of experience protecting the rights of clients who pursue ICBC claims involving invisible damage to the body’s soft tissues such as muscles, disks, tendons and ligaments.

Early treatment provides the best chance at preventing long-term damage. But since ICBC has the discretion to decide on the type and duration of benefits in each case, claimants often find certain benefits denied or discontinued. From the outset, the firm’s lawyers are vigilant in guiding clients on the action necessary to ensure a successful claim. As the full impact of the injury becomes known, the firm will help clients:

  • Report symptoms and track progress with their medical team
  • Obtain independent assessments for diagnostic and treatment purposes
  • Reinstate accident benefits that may have been prematurely discontinued
  • Determine and negotiate a fair injury settlement

Chouinard & Company lawyers use their skill and experience to prepare solidly backed claims to advocate for neck- and back-injured clients to gain the accident benefits and compensation they deserve.

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