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Legal Advocacy For Injured Cyclists

Despite dedicated bicycle lanes and the widespread use of helmets, collisions continue to cause injury to cyclists who take to the road with motorists. Although usually uninsured, cyclists injured in vehicle-related collisions are usually entitled to pursue accident benefits and compensation through ICBC. The challenge is to gain fair treatment and a reasonable settlement in this highly contested area of personal injury.

Professional Guidance Through The Claims Process

Chouinard & Company has been providing legal advocacy in Richmond, British Columbia, since 1978 and has the experience to help injured cyclists secure their rights after a collision. The legal team first focuses on assisting clients to gain the resources they need for a successful recovery through an ICBC accident claim for:

  • Medical and rehabilitation benefits
  • Assistance with homemaking
  • Disability coverage for lost wages

These ICBC Part 7 benefits are available regardless of who was at fault in the cyclist collision. However, coverage is limited. The firm’s lawyers can help cyclists determine their eligibility to pursue additional tort claims for compensation to cover:

  • Bicycle repair or replacement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of future income-earning capacity
  • Cost of future care

Since tort claim awards are diminished according to the cyclist’s degree of liability, adjusters typically attempt to assign the greatest degree of blame to the cyclist. But the lawyers at Chouinard & Company are skilled at analyzing cyclist accident claims and negotiating liability contentions. They will fight to defend the rights of cyclists to be fairly treated and fully compensated.

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