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Pursuing Fair Compensation For Common Accident Injuries

While impacts vary in type, intensity and duration, some of the most common accident injuries for which ICBC claimants pursue treatment include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Injury to shoulders, hips and knee joints
  • Nerve damage and spinal trauma
  • Concussions and brain injury
  • Pain and discomfort in the neck and back

While ICBC coverage is available, gaining approval for certain types of benefits and maintaining them for as long as necessary is often challenging for those with little or no experience with the claims process.

Legal Guidance To Pursue Customized Accident Benefits

Chouinard & Company practices exclusively in personal injury and has helped thousands of motor vehicle collision victims in Richmond, British Columbia, since 1978. The firm’s lawyers know what it takes to make a successful injury claim. They frequently fight cases in which ICBC declines or discontinues treatment. They also have experience helping the growing number of injury victims who desire alternative therapies such as acupuncture, but are unfamiliar with the proper way to gain insurer approval.

The firm’s lawyers guide clients on how to pursue and support their claims for customized treatment plans. They direct clients on how to work closely with their medical teams, obtain prescriptions, document symptoms and comply with treatment recommendations. When clients reach a seeming impasse in treatment, the legal team can refer them to specialized experts to investigate and obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan for ICBC approval.

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Chouinard & Company provides skilled legal help that can increase the chance of making a favourable claim. To book a free consultation, call 604-284-5633 or use the site’s online form to be contacted by the law office.

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