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Robert J. Charlton

Founding Member – Retired


Richmond, British Columbia, Canada



In 2008 Mr. Charlton stepped down as managing partner in the firm and began to work in association with a former partner, J. F. Raymond Chouinard.

Mr. Charlton’s activities outside of his law practice grew to include participation in Equitas, a society devoted to seeking better treatment and pensions for injured and disabled Canadian Veterans. This work has resulted in a class action lawsuit, motions in Parliament and improved benefits for veterans, but government legislation has left more work to do to achieve fairness for soldiers.

He also pursued a long time goal of singing and playing music for Canadians in rest homes and hospitals.

More recently, with the addition of lawyers Andreas Kuntze in 2009 and Stephen Grey in 2014, Mr. Charlton continues to work in association with the firm in an advisory role. Mr. Charlton continues to contact old and new clients and consult and assist the firm in the conduct of lawsuits.

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